Message from Principal Matt Grant

Dear OHS Alumni,

The year 2021 is a particularly pivotal year in the history of our school. We sincerely appreciate your help in showing our students the resilient Oly Way since, due to Covid, they are returning after almost a year and a half away from school.

As we return, we want students to see the wonderful traditions and legacies of those who previously walked through these halls. One of the first things that you see when you enter Olympia High School is our Hall of Fame. I always love walking by these photos and taking a moment to revisit the past that reminds me where we are at today. It’s through your great accomplishments that remind our current students that they too can succeed and make it through high school! Our deep gratitude to you, OHS Alumni, for continuing to support our school and we look forward to adding more of your pictures to our Hall of Fame!

We also want to show you the new Olympia High School as this is our first year back since we completed the$21 million remodel. Come see our new classrooms, new music room, new science labs, and new practice turf field. Also, you would be happy to see that the pride, courage and tradition of Olympia High School continues in countless ways through the personal excellence and academic citizenship of our students, both graduated and about to graduate.

With the infusion of the past and present, I am confident that we will continue to see Olympia High School produce wonderful alumni. We hope to see you this school year and many more to come.

As one of our legends always said: It’s a great day to be a Bear!


Matt Grant, Principal since 2000

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