Mason Dunkleburger, ’40, spends time shopping, going to doctors and feeding stray cats .He lives in Long Beach, California.


Peggy (Marjorie)(Morris) Frazier, ’40, lives at Mud Bay in Olympia with her son. She has six grandkids and two great-greatgrandkids.


Kathryn (Kay) (Small)  Doran,’41, lives in Bellevue. She likes to shop, cook, play bridge, read, dance and enjoy family visits. She serves on the board of the Alliance to the State Dental Association.


Marjorie (Helenius) Valley, ’44, age 95 and still lives alone in Shelton, and still drives.


Lillian (Briggs) Clark, ’46, lives at Panorama City in Lacey, (360) 438-5447.


Viola (Robinson) Premo, ’46, lives in Littlerock on five acres. She enjoys word games, reading and visits from her five children, (360) 352-5130.


Sibyl (Schlottmann) Wendler, ’46, retired and lives in Tumwater. She likes to read and garden, (360) 786-1897.


Jessie (Sutton) Dietz, ’47, has been married 50 years and has four children. She served as court assistant, postal carrier & software programmer. She lives with daughter in Florence, Oregon, and likes to travel.

Charles Dwinell, '47, announced he married a nice Japanese woman about 1 year ago, they are both 92 years years old and live in Tukwila, (206) 326-6404.

Evangeline (Haag) Reese, ’48, likes to work in her yard in Olympia. She has traveled to Germany,  Russia and Hawaii, (360) 352-5573.

Kathryn (Whitney) Looker, ’48, lives in Tacoma and has two great grand children. Her father graduated from OHS in 1923, (253) 537-9624.

Shirley (Englehart) Cronk, '49, says she is still spry at 90 and takes care of her 99 year old husband. They returned to Lacey after 12 years in Mesa, Arizona. (360) 915-6654.


Marilyn Gum, ’50, retired in 2018, and lives in San Gatos, California. She enjoys gardening and her five grandchildren,


Cliff Huntley, ’50, lives in Quartzsite, Arizona, and runs an RV park where he fixes or rehabs mobile homeland park models for rent or sale.


Lawrence Dennis, ’51, is retired and lives in Tucson, Arizona.…520-577-1741


Arlene (Wilson) Easley,’51, is retired as a statistician with the Department of Labor and lives in Annandale, Virginia. She’s enjoying her seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Evelyn (Watson) Humphrey, '51, lives in Berkeley, CA, and attends Cal basketball games. Retired from active gardening.


Gilbert Long, ’51, lives in Redmond, Washington and plays golf a few times each week. He fished in the Klickitat River and caught a 125-pound King salmon.


Lawrence Norris, ’51, retired from U.S. Navy and celebrated 60th wedding anniversary last year, (619) 540-0234


Ray Parker, ’51, farmed in East Olympia since 1955 where he grows sweet corn and hay. He has taken nine cruises.


Mary Helen (Stewart) Pothier, ’51, made 100 stockings for nursing home patients, and lives in Lacey, (360) 438-5981.

Austin Dick, '52, lives in Alameda, CA, and is retired from a building materials manufacturing company and landscaping business.


Glenda (Todd) Goldwater,’52, volunteers at an art museum in Portland and at the Multnomah County Library.

Donna (Jensen) Hayden, '52, lives in Seattle, raised 7 children, had 3 operations on right leg,


Mart Kask, ’52, lives in Mercer Island, has four children and nine grandchildren. He earned his BSCE degree St. Martin’s University, masters of science degree at Purdue University. He owns Kask consulting firm in urban development and planning, and serves as a diplomat to the consul, Republic of Estonia for Washington and Oregon, (206) 660-1940.


Don Niemi, ’52, lives in Centralia, and being treated for lymphoma. He still dabbles in stock market, (360) 330-5620.


Anderson, Judith (Mann), '54, lives in Eugene, Oregon…travels to Hawaii and Washington and Oregon, 541-484-2204


Don Beatty, ’54, attended 65th class reunion in 2019. He lives on Pattison Lake.


Glenna (Bolender) Cook, ’54, lives in Tacoma and published her first book of poetry, “Thresholds.” She’s working on her second book.


Jerome Hamling, ’54, lives in Bremerton. He was planning on a European cruise that got cancelled.


Gilbert Long, ’54, lives in Redmond, Washington, and plays golf three times a week, and likes to fish. He has two daughters, six grandkids, and two great grandkids.


Elvine (Jensen) Sandefur, ’54, lives in Wheaton, Illinois, and recently celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary. She is active in her church, and lives on a 12-acre farm. She has three grandchildren and likes to make quilts.


Bill Steiger,’54, lives in Redmond. He retired 20 years ago and became a snowbird. He likes to golf and visit with grandchildren.

Muriel (Bryant) Swanson, '54, lives in Olympia and travels whenever possible. She enjoys visiting with OHS classmates, (360) 352-5782.

Ruby (Farr) Whalley, ’54, lives in Ashland, Oregon, where she volunteers at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Hannon Library. She walks four miles a day, has traveled to Europe, Cuba, Nova Scotia and Greenland.

Jo (Sulenes) Bridges, '55, lives in Bellevue, WA, and lost her husband, Ted (OHS '55) after 63 years of marriage, (425) 746-6300.

Emmy (Griffin) Knight, '55, lives in Olympia and has run an antique business for over 30 years, (360) 866-4751.


Carlson Wendell ’55, is retired, has ten grandkids, and enjoys traveling.


Sonja Christopher, ’55, lives in Walnut Creek, California.

Robert Clinton, '55, lives in Monroe, WA.


Frank Copeland, ’55, lives in Westport and makes many trips to Wyoming, (360) 268-0430.


Andrew Wesley Nebergall, ’55, lives in an independent living facility in Happy Valley, Oregon.


Jim Nickerson, ’55, lives in Green Valley, Arizona. He still plays trombone in big bands in Arizona, enjoys working in his woodshop, and is enjoying retirement.


Mary (Jensen) Read, ’55, lives in Redmond, Oregon. She’s battling cancer. She loves to hike, take snowshoe treks.


Melvin Armstrong, ’56, lives in Belfair. He went moose hunting in Wyoming, fishing in Canada, and vacationed in Hawaii.


George Ingham, ’56, farms and ranches in Whitefish, Montana.


Fred Michael, ’56, lives in Olympia. He drove across the US, lived in the Netherlands for a year and visited the Hermitage in Russia


Enid May (Culp) Roberts, ’56, lives in Shelton on 33 acres on Totten Inlet. Built dream house there in 2016. Husband passed away in 2021. Planning to marry Garret Sheldon soon. (360) 426-0583.

Jerry Heitzman, '57, served 23 years in U.S. Navy, 33 years in commercial real estate, and 26 years of retirement. Live in Lacey.


Marian (Gilkey) Kindred, ’57, lives in Hesperia, California, is retired, likes to crochet and watch the Dodgers and Angels, and play bridge.

Gerald "Jerry" Pfaff, '57, lives in San Diego, worked for Boeing, Ball Aerospace Corp., TWR, and Northrop Corp. as an antenna and microcircuits engine. Married for 59 years.

Kathleen (Donnally) Rohr, '57, resides in our cabin on Hood Canal.


Larry Seaberg, ’57, is a snowbird in Palm Desert. He likes to cruise, volunteer and stay in shape.


Duane Zeigler, ’57, has lived in the same home in Tumwater since 1964, and is the oldest member of the Zeigler family, (360) 943-7616.


Dan Eason, ’58, lives in Lacey. He sells property, builds hot rods, repairs boats and attempts to fish, (360) 459-8422.


Ted Gantenbein, ’58, is retired, disabled, and living in same place since 1965, (360) 866-8437


Jane (Stewart) King, ’58, lives in Mount Shasta, California, (707) 322-0414.


Jean (Preston) Marshall, ’58, lives in Lebanon, Oregon, where she does some teaching and gardening, (541) 451-3649.


Marjorie (Stackhouse) McNae, ’58, lives in Oak Harbor. She plays cello in the Skagit Symphony. She also teaches cello lessons. She likes to garden and make jam.


DeAnn (Armstrong) Sack, ’58, is updating her 1964 house and trying to avoid Covid-19.


William Jessiman, ’59, lives in Dallas, Texas. He earned his bachelor of arts degree and master of arts degree in Cambridge, Massachusets, and worked in transportation consulting in Boston for 21 years. He worked for American Airlines for 20 years in computer systems. He has three children and seven grandchildren.


Michael Langenbach, ’59, lives in Brinnon, on Hood Canal. He runs the food banks for Jefferson County, attends the Huskies games, and plants clams and geoducks for a private beach, (360) 229-3007.


Sarah (Knox) Miyazaki, ’59, lives in Berkeley, California and recently became a great grandparent. She attended the OHS 60th class reunion.


Marilyn (Ginsbach) Motteler,’59, lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and taught writing at three universities.


Jeff Stalcup, ’59, worked for several newspapers including Tacoma News Tribune, (360)438-3022.


Richard Bever, ’60, lives in Hazel Green, Alabama. He’s retired from the Washington State DSHS after 18 years, also retired from Virginia State Guard after eight years. He likes volunteering.


Janet Franks,’60, takes care of a sister in a Shelton facility.


Lawrence Millam,’60, lives in Kent, is retired from Boeing, and has traveled to Europe, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.


Susan (Delanty) Jones,’61, lives in downtown Seattle, and had to cancel a trip to Europe in summer of 2020, (206) 382-3720.


Robert Harris, ’61, is living, teaching and writing about Buddhism with the Nalanda Institute in Olympia, (360) 352-2819.

Barry Hawkins, '61, lives in New York and was awarded "Clara Barton Award" for leadership roles over 20 years of volunteering, (845) 551-4224.


June (Masser) Landers, ’61, lives in Tumwater, and volunteers at United Way and Tumwater Recycling Center, and takes daily walks with her French bulldog, Cory. She hopes to travel to Norway. (360) 688-8881.

Barbara (Lisle) Fund, '61, lives in Port Orchard, WA, likes to garden and travel to Montana to visit her son. She is involved in church activities and lunches with friends.


Trudy (Kampf) Looney, ’61, lives in Tacoma, and took a Danube Rivercruise from Passau to Romania in 2019.

Michael Mallinger, ’61, lives in Olympia, where he is very active in the pro-life movement, (360) 786-9654.


Rick Meyer,’61, is retired and enjoying life, (360) 491-9321.

Don Nelson, '61, moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2021. Still enjoys hot rods and golf.


Carol (Lemons) Stalcup, ’61, is a homemaker with three children. She likes to travel.


Judith Bushell,’62, is concentrating on writing poetry.


William Curtis,’62, retired after teaching and coaching 41 years (37 at OHS). Serves as a tour guide to Italy (20 tours). Bill is chairman of OHS Hall of Fame Committee, and works security for Washington House of Representatives during the legislative session (January through April). Painted house last summer and put in new septic system and drain field in back yard. Attended 60th OHS and THS reunions.


Diane (Fluetsch) Duffy, ’62, still living on the family farm with dog Duffy in Boston Harbor. She mentioned her good fortune to have a caregiver, (360) 943-4964.


Michael Hannan, ’62, is oldest person to have climbed Mt. Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica. He has climbed all 58 peaks over 14,000 feet in Colorado. He lives in Salt Lake City. (385) 207-1248.


Robert Herness, ’62, lives in Banning, California, and still teaches classes in theology, philosophy, political science and history.


Judith (Simmons) Keller, ’62, lives in Kingman, Arizona. She is single, retired, and living off the grid. She has three children, 10 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren.


David Lindeblom, ’62, lives in Lacey and has grandchildren ranging from 3 to 21 years old, has traveled to 49 states and 17 countries, (360) 491-3590.


Kit Marcinko, ’62, lives in Anacortes, and has run studio gallery on Guemes Island for more than 50 years. Kit does sculpture after decades of bronze casting.


Linda (Fuss) Mayer, ’62, lives in Cannon Beach, Oregon and has vacationed in New Zealand in winter. (541) 510-3410


Cheryl (Roth) Thietge, ’62, has been married 58 years and lives in Tumwater. She is retired from state service.


Susan (Cody) Yolkmann,’62, lives in Clarksville, Tennessee. She is retired, and likes to quilt and read.


Susan (Talcott) Andrew, ’63, lives in Meridien, Idaho, but snowbirds in Arizona. She has been married to Bob for 54 years, they have three grandsons, (253) 988-0877.


Sandi (Hamilton) Dahlquist,’63, lives in Belfair, Washington, and retired in 2004 from Dahlquist fine jewelry in Poulsbo. She’s been married 53 years and is active with the Poulsbo Lions Club, (360) 275-8223. She enjoys cruising and traveling.


James Harris, ’63, has traveled around the U.S, and likes to spoil the grandkids. He plays pipes and drums in Olympia Highlanders


Mary Ann (Clark) Heeren,’63, still works as a financial advisor with her husband, They live in Seattle with 2 cats.


Fern (Cooley) Morrow, ’63, lives in Olympia. She had knee replacement in March, 2020, (360) 866-0189.

Wayne Olsen, ’63, retired as a Navy Captain, oceanographer & meteorologist. He taught at Pierce College for 9 years, volunteers with Thurston Climate Action Team, Climate Reality Project and Panorama Green Team.


Gary Pleasant, ’63, is retired, and likes to fish, travel and attend Seahawk games.


Joan (Boddy) Bower, ’64, is retired as a teacher in the Olympia School District. She’s an ordained minister, married 52 years to Bob (class of ’64).


Philip Bransford, ’64, lives in Seattle and likes to travel. Retired teacher, metro bus driver, firefighter and CPR/First Aid instructor.


Patricia (Cooper) Foss,’64, lives in Lacey with her daughter and grandson.


Greg Gilbert, '64, inducted into the OHS Hall of Fame 2022, lives in Seattle, worked as photojournalist of Seattle Times for over 55 years, (206) 920-7700.

Gary Pitcher, ’64, lives in Bellingham. He was appointed grand chaplain for the Grand Chapter of Washington Order of the Eastern Star for 2019-2020.

Lucy Musatti, '65, lives in Auburn where she hosts refugees from Afghanistan.


Mark Pearson, ’65, lives in Redmond, Washington, and has been retired since 2008. Mark likes to hunt, boat, fish and spend time with family.


Leslie (Storey) Struble,’65, lives in Rochester, Illinois, half a year and Northwest Wyoming the other half


John Anderson,’66, volunteers at Habitat for Humanity.


Alice Christine (Bergstrom) Cabe, ’66, lives in Monroe, Washington, where she is retired from working at Overlake Hospital as the clinical laboratory director.


Wolf Dammer, ’66, lives in Vancouver, Washington, and worked for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife for 42 years. Wolf enjoys his family cycling, hiking, and kayaking.


John Deviny, ’66, is retired as a dentist. He enjoys old Olympia pals, volunteering and mentoring dental students.


Helland Kren, ’66, lives in Edmonds, Washington, and is active in community affairs. Helland likes to travel, garden and spend time with family and friends.


Karen (Carlton) Meyer, ’66, retired after working at Bracy and Thomas Land Surveyors for 47 years.


Dennis Smith, ’66, lives in Olympia and hopes to retire soon. He has been married 48 years, has two children and two grandchildren, (360) 507-1814.


Trisha Swanson,’66, enjoys singing with groups, traveling, gardening, and wild mushroom hunting.


Cydia Cuykendall, ’67, enjoys reading her parents’ old books, (360) 357-7890.

Pamela (Bolton) Dittloff, '67, lives in Lacey and is retired. President of Olympia Zonta and Secretary of Capitol City HOA. Traveling to Germany and UK in '22. (360) 943-1979.

Linda (Wayne) Gifford, '67, served in Air Force for 38 years, contracted leprosy while on active duty, degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in Spanish, lived overseas for 20 years in Argentina, Panama, Italy, and South Korea, married to first wife for 45 years (3 kids), transitioned to a female and now married to a lady from Maine and live in Tucson, (520) 729-8042

Stanley Guyer, '67, lives in Lacey and retired from the State, has written 2 books, (360 459-9616).

Barbara (Zieleinski) Runyon, '67, spent 35 years working for the State, was a registered nurse when retired, lost her husband after 50 years of marriage, lives in Gig Harbor and enjoys family, archery, Ring, and rug braiding.


Charles Saibel, ’67, enjoys music, travel, collecting books, participation in triathlons, and has interests in  plant based diets, (360) 357-8553.

Patty (Farler) Smith, '67, lives in Tumwater and snowbirds in Arizona. Retired from State of Alaska as a contractor. Enjoys her family, grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren.


Pam Stratton, ’67, lives in Tucson, Arizona, after retiring from the state of Alaska as a contractor. She snowbirds in Arizona and returns to Alaska. She has two granddaughters in Alaska.


Joan (Goforth) Baumer, ’68, lives in Ventura, California, and continues to care for remote patients, (817) 946-8192.

Patrice (Whited) Cantarelli, '68, lives in Los Angeles. Designs and implements arts integration programs for TK-12 schools in LA County.


Kathy (Wells) Griffin ’68, retired in 2020 and lives in Centralia. She enjoys her health, family and many blessings.

Marsha Starr, ’68, lives in Orting, WA, retired advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP), enjoys her 3 grandchildren.

Shirley Battan, ’69, serves as Chair of Washington State Executive Ethics Commission, (360) 866-1380


Brad Hittle, ’69, lives in Arlington, Virginia, and is retired in 2012 from Department of State at the White House, and consulted clients until 2016. He has one daughter.


Daniel Kosenski, ’69, does cardiac and pulmonary rehab at St. Peter Hospital. She enjoys family, traveling, cooking, wine and the yard.

Susan Parr, '69, lives on Camano Island, works at H Health, (360) 631-6352.

Arthur Rusche, '74, busy organizing Class of 1974 50-year reunion.

Connie (Cummings) Swenson, '69, enjoying retirement.


Bruce Karney, ’70, lives in Mountain View, California. He retired in 2012, and leads greenhouse gas reduction activities in Silicon Valley. He received “Champion of Sustainability” Award from Chamber of Commerce.

Douglas Massey, '70, finally retired at age 70 and lives in Jamaica, Vermont. (609) 273-1055


Scott Rutledge, ’70, finally retired from teaching at OHS.


Vikki (King) Smith, ’70, lives in Lacey, and is the director for the Washington State Department of Revenue. Also serves on Board of Directors at WSECU.


Webb Hopkins,’71, plays golf monthly with other OHS grads.


Tim Koehler, ’71, is semi retired, just waiting for Covid to get under control.


Scott Missall,’71, has practiced law for 36 years for the cities of Mill Creek and Medina. He has traveled around the world.


Steve Blankenship, '72, retired and maintains apartments in Longview and Olympia. Avid WSU Coug fan and season ticket holder. Serves as a Board member and previous Chair of O Bee Credit Union.

Carol Johnson, ’72, lives in Tumwater. She teaches yoga at the YMCA. She remarried 5 years ago and has two sons, (360) 790-3286.

Vesta (Smith) Myers, '72, active with traveling, hiking, birding, gardening: all those wonderful things I get to do with my husband, Steve, and our 2-year old Lab!

Gary Merz, '73, has provided CPA services at Budd Bay CPA at Percival Landing for 10 years, served as Treasurer of Olympia High School Alumni Association.

John Christopherson, ’74, opened a brewery in 2013 in Tumwater and tap room in 2016.


Elizabeth (Betsy) (Lynch) Delay, ’74, returned to Olympia in 2006. She is married with four children and six grandchildren. She works for Eli Lilly and Company as executive representative, (360) 280-9280.

Ethel (Kimbler) Ellis, '74, lives in Clarkston, WA, retired from office management, enjoys traveling, became a great-grandmother in 2022.

Lynn Normandy, '74, lives in Gig Harbor, recently moved back to Washington to be near family, (415) 866-8466.


Jayne (Austin) Salisbury, ’74, taught at Evergreen School District in Vancouver, Washington for 41 years, (360) 607-0763.


Gail (Sutterfield) Rees,’74, lives in Tumwater. She is recently retired and is moving to Port Ludlow after 36 years in Tumwater.

Wendy Crawford, ’75, lives in Olympia. She retired 11 years ago, and relaxes at home.

Robert Deshaye, '75, retired.

Nancy Heinrich, ’75, owner/operator of Fun Junk collectible shop in Olympia.


Jonathan Huizenga,’75, starting a new church in Cedar Springs, Michigan.


Stuart Miles-McLean, ’75, has worked over 30 years for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Wash DC. He has worked under seven U.S. Presidents.

Steve Sutterfield, ’75, moving to Port Ludlow after 36 years in Tumwater.


Steve Rees, ’75, is moving to Port Ludlow after 36 years in Tumwater…


Robert Barrett, ’76, lives in Tumwater. He recently retired from the state, (360) 786-6719.

Nancy Curfman, '76, lives in Bend, Oregon, working less and playing more, (541) 420-7613.

Marya Fuller, ’76, has practiced law in Olympia for 34 years, (360) 866-9098.


Brenda (Cannon) Mason, ’76, lives in Kent. She retired in 2020 after 40 years in financial and accounting.


Tricia (Hensel) Smith, ’76, lives in Spokane, retired after 35 years in public education, now volunteers at animal shelter and catholic charities, likes to golf, walk, and read. (509) 953-6378.

Lisa Wyse, '76, lives in McCleary, WA, retired in July, 2022, sold house, plans to travel before finding another home, (360) 280-3787.

Christopher Dotson, '77, lives in Port Angeles. Self employed in construction. Raises cattle on 10 acres and likes to restore old cars. Has 5 grandchildrenn and 1 great grandson. (360) 460-3490.

Tim O'Connell, ’77, has served as labor and employment attorney in Seattle for 35 years, (206) 909-7898.

Ron Harpel, ’79, lives in Tacoma and recently completed additions and modernization of the OHS campus, retired after 40 years as an architect and was owner and partner at BLRB Architects, (253) 302-0825

Janet (Heinrich) Knight, '77, lives in Spokane, recently retired from teaching, (509) 280-0893.


Leslie Lindskog, ’80, is a lingonberry farmer in Skagit Valley, (206) 335-3140.


Kristin (Lowell) Blakeslee, ’81, is mother of three OHS graduates. She does community volunteer work, (360) 701-2637.


Paul Nghiem, ’81, is a professor of dermatology at the University of Washington, and runs a skin cancer research lab.


Diane (Brugger) Sokolik,’81, has lived in Olympia 36 years. She has two kids who are OHS graduates. Diane works at Twinstar Credit Union. She likes to travel and play golf, (360) 790-4183.


Jena (Embry) Loes, ’82, is a graduate of The Evergreen State College, married for 34 years with two children. She is Director of Operations for Homes First. Jena enjoys traveling abroad and around the U.S. (360) 349-3235.

Gordon (White) Madden, ’83, lives in Grants Pass, Oregon but works in Medford as a software engineer and works on robots and motion control systems.

Michaela Keating, '83, after living in Southern California for 35 years, she and her husband bought a 40 acre farm outside of Nashville, TN. Have steer calves, sheep and chickens along with a big garden. Says they are keeping very busy!


Rob Martin, ’84, is a senior marketing manager for Holland America Line in Seattle.


Delores (Howdeshell) Vavrinec, ’86, is a writer who published a book recently, a Christian anthology. She lives in Olympia, (360) 491-3411.


Jens (Egerton) Eventyr, ’89, has been married since ’96 and has two daughters. She works on construction including boat building, (360) 259-8990.


Eric Sullivan, ’89, works at the Thurston County Treasurer’s Office as a Revenue Officer. He’s a wrestling coach at Capital High School, and Olympia Kiwanian and a FSC Board member. Eric likes golfing.


Jodie (Nesbitt) Arneson,’94, works at the Washington State Care Authority. She has a daughter who will be a future Oly BEAR!


Claire van Eenwyk, ’95, lives in Durham, NC, and works as a physician(allergist/immunologist). Expecting a new baby.


Haomin Ye, '07, works as a Doctor at St. Peters Hospital in Olympia but lives in Seattle. (360) 259-1826.

Tanner Gesche, ’12, lives in Seattle and manages properties for a living, plays the cello, (425) 891-4914.