War Memorial Plaques

2021 Olympia High Scholarship Winners

The Olympia High School Alumni Association is proud to recognize and pay tribute to those alumni who gave their lives fighting for our country in WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The below plaques currently adorn the walls of Olympia High School and are meant to honor and show our gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice that each one, and their families, made in fighting for our freedom. It is our hope that the bravery of these fallen classmates will always be honored by past and future generations of Olympia High School students and teachers.

Vietnam War Plaque Ceremony

OHSAA President, Charlie Kirry, dedicates the Vietnam War Memorial Plaque to the school in 2008. Bruce Crandall, OHS Class of 1951 and Medal of Honor Winner reads the names of the 12 fallen heroes.

Watch the ceremony