OHS Facility Improvements

Changing with the Times

We all remember our days at OHS and the images etched in our minds of the various buildings and what they represented to us at the time. Well, progress is inevitable, and the school has recently undergone major additions and enhancements to its structure. These capital improvements are surely upgrading the student experience at OHS. Take a moment to browse through these project summations and collection of project images to update yourself on the past with the present.

1997-2000 Major Remodel and Addition to OHS

-Program of Work-

1. Connect and enclose the existing exterior covered walkways. Convert the 1961 “California style campus” to an enclosed and more secured unified building.
2. New Performing Arts Center. Demo and reconfigure the Little Theatre, convert that space to functional, well-sized Band and Choir spaces.
3. Move Library to lower floor. Repurpose the existing library to new classrooms. New elevator and stairs.
4. Demolish industrial arts building. Provide new Career Tech. Educ. spaces near Freshman Pond.
5. New Bus loading zone to take place of existing industrial arts building.
6. Enclose open quad near the Commons / Cafeteria. Create new and enlarged student commons and connect commons to gymnasium + new PAC.
7. Remodel and update all classroom wings. Place sloped roofs over previous flat roof structures.
8. Provide parking and drop off zone at North Street.
9. Provide new well-defined main entry to campus at North Street.
10. Re-configure Administration spaces and Counselling.
11. Provide Auxiliary Gym

2018 - 2021 Major Remodel and Addition to OHS

-Program of Work-

1. Connect and enclose the Technology Building with the main campus structures. Add 4 Science /STEM labs at Freshman Pond area to achieve a secured and unified single building.
2. Provide outdoor science learning spaces adjacent to Freshman Pond.
3. Remove 10 portable classrooms.
4. Provide illuminated synthetic practice field between Freshman Pond and Ingersoll Stadium.
5. Move three tennis courts to enlarge athletic practice field.
6. Provide pervious paving and storm water control where practical. Improve existing parking lot drainage at Ingersoll Stadium.
7. Reconfigure parking at Ingersoll Stadium and at the student parking lot at Carlyon.
8. Add 2-story 14 Classroom space near kitchen and commons.
9. Masterplan for future classroom expansion, open space for growth at new 2-story addition.
10. Add new public secured entry vestibule and canopy at north end of campus to ensure improved supervision of the student parking zones.
11. Relocate security office and athletic director’s office to new north addition.
12. Expand Commons seating capacity where existing athletic offices were demolished near music.
13. Add a music room near Commons exterior court.
14. Relocate and enlarge faculty lounge.
15. Relocate and enlarge student store and marketing classroom